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Weed Seeds to Help Grow Your Garden (general)

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4 months ago

The cannabis industry is booming with more and more states legalizing marijuana. Weed seeds are the first step in growing your own cannabis plant. There are many factors to consider when purchasing weed seeds, such as potency, grow time, yield and taste.

The process of germination is the first step in growing marijuana. After planting the seed, it needs to be placed in a moist environment and kept at a temperature that is just above room temperature.

- The seed will start to grow roots and develop leaves after 1-2 weeks.

- The seedling needs about 14 hours of light per day, but not direct exposure to sunlight as it can burn the delicate leaves.

- It takes about 3 months for the plant to produce its first flowers, which can then be harvested for their psychoactive properties.

Weed seeds are the seeds of plants that have been bred to produce a high level of THC in their flowers. They can be used to grow marijuana plants and the flowers from these plants can be used for consumption.

Some weed seeds are sold as souvenirs and novelty items, but these are not considered to be true weed seeds.

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