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6 Tips For Writing An Effective College Essay (general)

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8 months ago


Essay writing can be tough for many since it not only involves hard work but also requires one to understand and think. Essay writing often have form a big chunk of the grades and hence, it is important to be able to write them effectively. This article provides several simple essay writing tips to follow.

Essay writing tip#1: Don't wait till the last moment

Start early instead of waiting till the last moment and budget your time. This will help ensure that there is enough time to research, read, understand, and analyze the material required for writing an essay. This is perhaps the most important tip for writing an essay since "well begun is half done".

Essay writing tip#2: Understand the assignment

It is important to analyze the assignment in detail to ensure that the requirements are well understood. Following this essay writing tip will help save time and rework later.

Essay writing tip#3: Organize

The information read will be quickly forgotten and jumbled up if it is not appropriately organized. Highlight key points, make notes, and add your opinion on pieces of paper that can be later on shuffled around to form the key points of the essay. This is another tip of essay writing that if not followed will leave the writer frustrated and unable to write effectively. Another advantage of this essay writing tip is to be able to keep track of quotes or citations helping avoid plagiarism.

Essay writing tip#4: Learn by example

Use examples of similar essays or essays from the same field or industry to understand how to write such essays.

Essay writing tip#5: Drafts

This essay writing tip suggests writing a quick draft without worrying about the introduction, conclusion, grammatical mistakes, etc. This will help form a flow in the essay and establish the structure. Write multiple drafts till you are satisfied.

Essay writing tip#6: Eliminate unnecessary words

Clear, concise writing shows clear thinking. Use active sentences with active verbs while eliminating unnecessary words.

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Think differently

Don't accept an opinion or thought just because an expert said so. Raise questions on the topic, analyze the research material at hand and raise questions. That will help form your own opinion and bring out your voice.

Essay writing is not as difficult as it seems to be. With a little effort and following the essay writing tips provided here, one can write an effective essay easily.

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