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Where to purchase Beats and Instrumentals online (general)

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1 year ago


Where to purchase Hip Hop Beats and Rap Instrumentals online

If you're a rapper looking for dope beats and instrumentals for your next project you may wonder where you could download some dope beats. Well, let me know you that after years and years or research we've found some of the dopest websites to download those beats that everyone wants. Even if you like to hop on different genres such as Trap, Hip Hop, Boom Bap, RnB, Club, Dirty South... We've got you covered 100%.

The first website may be SoundClick, which is one of the oldest beats websites that suddenly appeared on the internet following MySpace. In first instance SoundClick wasn't made for Hip Hop producers but for musicians as is. But the ease of use, the word of mouth and the cotinuous sign ups from different music producers all around the world made the place to stop and go. At least years ago, now things changed and people switched for more advance and customized websites, but this one was a jewel and the website where a lot of producers made a lot of success and, obviously, a lot of income.

The second website that I have to talk about is YouTube. If you're a music producer I'm sure that at least some time you uploaded one of your beats here. It's completely overwhelmed, but still a place to look daily if you're looking for some up and coming producers making the most trendy sound out there. It's full of different "TYPE BEATS", which is the trend this 2019 since almost the 80% of online producers are labeling their beats in that way. Some producers started to get known early this 2018 thanks to YouTube, and then almost everyone that was out in the YouTube game joined the YouTube army. It's full of jewels, but it will be hard to find them.

The third one and my personal favorite is BeatStars, those dudes are killing the game right now. It seems that the combo of BeatStars and YouTube is the trend, but there are still other producers using AirBit and even self-hosted websites to sell their beats. BeatStars is on the rise this 2019, and I think they're going to continue growing fast. They support a whole community of producers because I feel that it isn't just a business. I mean, they charge you to sell and upload your beats on there, but honestly for everything you get in back it worth it 100%. If you're a producer YOU SHOULD be there, and if you're an artists I hope you check the BeatStars playlist daily because there's daily inspiration on there.

The fourth (and the one I haven't still tested) is Airbit. They're pretty similar to BeatStars, I mean, they're not the same, but their prices, rates, subscriptions and offers are all the same. Recently they launched their INFINITY Store, which it seems that's a reply back to the BeatStars Pro Page. They look pretty similar, and they even have almost the same options so if you're a producer it's up to you where to join, but at this point of the game I'd join the website with more traffic. There are several music producers with bad opinions about BeatStars, and there are also several bad opinions about AirBit (which was previously known as MyFlashStore). If you want to look for dope beats they both have a marketplace so instead of checking just BeatStars... Why not checking BeatStars and AirBit too? It would be the smartest idea if you're a rapper looking for dope Hip Hop Betas.

The fifht and last one is my own personal website because if I don't mention it I'd shot my foot tho. Anyway I have to tell you that it was completely designed by, it's running a WordPress plugin that I've developed and that will be launched this 2019. It was made to mimick the usual purchase process of the different Beat Selling Pages to keep a high sales ratio instead of pending sales. It's known that if you have dope beats and an ugly website you'll not sell a sh*t so if you're looking for the best hip hop beats out there I encourage you to check them out. They all have that major sound that everyone is looking for, these beats sounds better at 128kbps than some major boys in WAV so don't sleep on that mixing thing if you're a producer because we grinding hard in that area.

Peace out family!


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